It is wet and dry woodland that is natures paradise for the residents of the UK that is present on the site of old millpond with lots of fen vegetation and hence attracts more and more tourists to visit on their vacations. This Nature Reserve is situated in Birmingham, England. When a threat was noticed for this green land there came some locals who protested against the safety of this natural habitat and the wildlife that was their neighbourhood and home to several species, plants, insects and other organisms which are about to join the list of endangered. Today for the betterment of UK and its wildlife there are more than 46 local charities to take care of 2,300 nature reserves and 800,000 members who formed an organisation and aimed to protect the wildlife of countryside, in cities, inside sea that is spread across 90,000 hectares of land along with health issues of UK residents.

The two main local charities of UK are the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country which are unique in their own terms and work with more than 7000 members who volunteer to spread awareness for the betterment of UK people and its wildlife. They are a Registered Company and one of the best charities in the UK (and one among the 46 wildlife trusts). Some of our members include online gambling businesses that donate a large portion of their profits. We are pleased to have members of Chelsea Palace Casino and Online Casino NZ among us. They are dedicated to protecting the wildlife of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley and Walsall for future.

These Wildlife Trusts through their valuable events had made it possible for common man to understand the concern of wildlife conservation and improvement of the environment. At present they are working on few projects for nature reserves and climate across the UK area and obey strict rules to keep the information safe and highly confidential under the General Data Protection Regulations.

If you wish to become a volunteer, you can join them on any of their wildlife trust to conserve wildlife and health of people residing in the UK. Just reach them on their E-Bulletin for local wildlife updates regarding recent events, photos, news, the status of current projects, jobs and volunteering opportunities if there is any vacancy. To get instant updates about the organisation to follow their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or just mail them your requirement.

Nature belongs to everyone, and today the species and plants of UK wildlife need our help. You can contact any local charity and become a volunteer to protect the wildlife and environment in which people reside. Join the wildlife trust to take action for conserving this nature reserve.