About The Nature Reserve

Moseley Bog is Natures paradise and the woodland with fen vegetation that is half wet and half dry that is situated on the old millpond. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Birmingham, England. Conservation of biodiversity is the primary concern of today, a lot of species is becoming endangered. Many organisations in the UK are running generous charities and had taken initiation to save the wildlife habitat and its species present in different parts of countryside, sea and the areas of cities. Such are the services of Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country which are unique regarding their approach for the betterment of people residing in the UK and its wildlife. They both are Registered Company and Charity to protect wildlife for the future. They stand as one of the best local charity among 46 wildlife trusts present in the UK, who had stepped forward and lend their full support in protecting the wildlife of Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Walsall.

How do they work?

The Wildlife Trusts of UK has more than 800,000 members who are dedicated to provide their service for conservation and manage over 2,300 nature reserves that are spread across 90,000 hectares of land. At present these two local charities had conducted awareness and spread the need of understanding of wildlife issues, conserving the biodiversity and improvement of the environment. At present they are working on projects with 7000 members, for nature reserves and environment centres across the area. They strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations, to keep the data secure and highly confidential.

Those who want to volunteer can join them for the noble cause of conserving wildlife habitat and the environment of UK where millions of people reside. The interested candidates can Sign Up to their E-Bulletin for local wildlife news, photos, events, current projects, vacancy in jobs, volunteering opportunities and many more. They can also gather information from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or just mail them with few details like your Name, Email ID, Title, Pincode and Where did you hear about us? Their professional team will assist you within a short time and let you find the details which you are looking for.

With pollution on the rising, there is a great life threat to wildlife species and people of UK. To subsidies the effects many local charities had come forward to dedicate their services for the protection of wildlife and the environment to save the people spread across the UK. Be part of these wildlife trusts as volunteers and join your hands to support this noble cause of protecting biodiversity.